Some of our biggest obstacles in life can be our health.

Whether it is stress, exhaustion, illness, hormonal, systematic, emotional or environmental we are here to support, lead and education you on your journey to creating your best life!  



Our families can be our biggest joys and worries. How we care for them, the time we have with them and the people we introduce them to.



Creating an incredible community of like minded families who are empowering themselves and others together. Inspiring and growing together.


Within Our Homes

When we are creating a home we deserve the best for ourselves and our families! We are here to help you with our favorite products and home diys.



There are so many unknowns out there and such a large increase in disease. With years of research, slowly changing our families diet and seeing the difference products that are truly clean of toxic chemicals can make, we couldn’t not share. The community that has been created from a passion is more than one could imagine. Using plants to support our bodies, clean our homes, and creating Freedom’s only dreamed of is magical. We are so excited you are here.



Sea Salt + Spruce is a beautiful community full of Empowerment! 


When we first started out on this journey to share with others it was to empower them. To provide other families with the same tools we had found and fallen in love with. To build their confidence within their home and create a freedom of choice. When you use products that are building up your families health, supporting their emotions, providing freedoms you didn't know you could have it is an empowering thing. 


Our community is all about thriving, empowering, engaging, inspiring and loving. We aim to elevate everyones life we touch through the products we share, the education we provide and the love we spread.

Our community is all about thriving, empowering, engaging, inspiring and loving. We aim to elevate everyones life we touch through the products we share, the education we provide and the love we spread.

What are Essential Oils? 


Essential Oils are the life line of the plant, tree, shrub or flower they come from. They help keep the plant alive and thriving. When the plant is properly distilled the essential oil is extracted and all of their chemical constituents stay intact! Providing incredible wellness benefits to those who use them. 


How do we use Essential Oils?


Well there are three ways we use Essential Oils! 

Topically - apply a drop to the area you are looking for support, a vita flex point, or your wrist & back of neck for emotional support! Applying pure essential oils directly to your skin is an incredible way to get all of their benefits. 

Aromatically - the sense of smell is one of our most magical of senses. It is linked to your limbic system, stores memories and can change your chemical make up and mood within minutes.  Apply a drop to a piece of diffuser jewelry. Add essential oils to a ionic cold water diffuser or smell straight from the bottle! 

Internally - Young Living is the only company whose essential oils are regarded safe for consumption and the only ones we suggest using this way.  Internally our bodies can benefit in so many ways from pure essential oils from things like supporting our immune systems, endocrine system, and more.  Add a drop to your glass of water, some honey, a capsule or make some tea! 


Why we use Young Living! 


Seed to Seal. Boom. No really, it is what sold us on Young Living.  There aren't any real guidelines when it comes to labeling or processing essential oils. So you find yourself asking questions, researching companies and learning a lot when your mission is purity. Young Living met our standards, they control every aspect of the process from the soil, the seed, the cultivation, the harvesting, distilling and the bottling. They do not use any outside pesticides, instead they use their own essential oils to protect their crops, they own a lot of their farms or co-partner with them.  People are happy on their farms.  Their crops are NOT over harvested instead they go out of stock because the amount that is made is it until the next harvest which can be years. Check out their seed to seal page to learn more.